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Elevator Safety Board


Status Update on Rules for Older Elevators:  The Iowa Elevator Safety Board has adopted a modified version of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers A17.3 code for older elevators.  For more information on this important topic, click here  

Board Membership:  Applications for membership on the Elevator Safety Board are currently being accepted.  To apply, click here.

The Elevator Safety Board is a part of the Iowa Division of Labor.  The board sets fees for inspections, makes rules for elevators, hears appeals of inspection reports, and considers variance and other requests. 

  • Click here for general rules concerning the board's purpose, activities and organization.  

  • Click here for board meeting schedule. 

  • Click here to contact the elevator board staff. 

There are four basic types of requests that can be filed with the board.  Each type of request is briefly described below.  If you wish to file a request with the board, please read the relevant rules and use the appropriate form below. 


Variance (Waiver) Requests


A variance suspends the requirements of a rule for an identified person based on a particular set of circumstances.  If you can meet the criteria for variances, which include showing that complying with a rule would cause you undue hardship and that the public health and safety will not be adversely affected by a waiver or variance of the rule, the board may grant you a variance.  Please note, however, that the board cannot grant a variance from a statutory requirement.  The board cannot grant a variance from an accessibility requirement.   

Appeals From Inspection Reports


If your equipment was recently inspected and you have an objection to the inspection report, you must first file a petition for reconsideration of the inspection report with the Labor Commissioner.  Petitions for reconsideration must be filed within 30 days after the inspection report is issued. 

  • Click here for the rules on petitions for reconsideration. 

  • Click here for a petition for reconsideration form. 

If the Labor Commissioner denies your petition for reconsideration, or if the petition is deemed to be denied because the Labor Commissioner failed to rule on it within 20 days of filing, you may file an appeal with the board.  The appeal must be filed within 30 days of the denial or the deemed denial, whichever occurs first. 

Petitions for Declaratory Orders


If you want to know how a board rule would apply to a set of future circumstances (for example, equipment you are considering for purchase), you may file a petition for declaratory order.  Petitions for declaratory order cannot be used to establish the effect of prior conduct or to challenge a board decision already made. 

Petitions for Rulemaking


If you believe the elevator safety board should change, eliminate or add an administrative rule, you may file a petition for rulemaking.

  • Click here for the rules on petitions for rulemaking. 

  • Click here for a petition for rulemaking form. 

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