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Elevators and Other Conveyances


Proposed new rules:  The Iowa Elevator Safety Board has proposed several new rules. 

  One set of proposed rules would require elevator owners to install safety mechanisms to prevent serious injuries due to children becoming trapped in elevator doors.  Only elevators with doors that are not solid panels are covered by these changes.  Most of the elevators covered by this proposal were designed under the residential elevator code but were installed in public buildings.  To view the proposed changes on child entrapment, click here.

   Another set of proposals would require a 3-month inspection schedule for construction elevators; reduce fees for certain alteration permits; reduce fees for handicapped restricted use elevator inspections; increase fees for construction elevator inspections; conform rules to statutory authority and current practice; remove obsolete rules; and, make technical corrections.  To view the proposed changes, click here.

Status Update on Rules for Older Elevators:  The Iowa Elevator Safety Board has adopted a modified version of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers A17.3 code for older elevators.   For more information on this important topic, click here

Rules for New Elevators Adopted:  The Iowa Elevator Safety Board has adopted by reference the current editions of the National Electric Code and most of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers' Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators, A.17.1, effective January 14, 2015.  Click here to view the changes. 

Board Membership:  The Iowa Elevator Safety Board adopts administrative rules and reviews variance applications concerning elevators and related equipment in Iowa.  The board meets at least quarterly.  Applications for membership on the Elevator Safety Board are currently being accepted.  To apply, click here.

Building Owners:  Owners of existing elevators, escalators, dumbwaiters and other equipment covered by Iowa Code Chapter 89A have many responsibilities.  The owner must  hire a qualified elevator maintenance company to perform regular safety tests.  In addition to the safety tests, the equipment must be inspected on a regular schedule.  The owner may hire a qualified, private inspector; or, an inspector employed by the state will inspect the equipment.  If a safety test or inspection finds any deficiencies, the owner must ensure they are corrected.  All covered equipment must be registered with the Iowa Division of Labor Services.  A current operating permit must be posted at all times. 

Elevator installation companies:  You may not begin work on an installation or alteration until a permit for the work has been issued by the Labor Commissioner.  Submit an installation or alteration permit application at least 8 week before you plan to begin work.  Post the permit on the jobsite.  Failure to obtain a permit may result in significant extra costs and delays in the project.  Do not put the equipment into use until it has passed inspection by a state inspector. 

Accident reporting:  Immediately notify the Labor Commissioner of an accident involving an elevator, escalator or related equipment.  Click here for specific information about the accident notification requirement.  Click here for an accident notification form. 

Accessibility requirements:  The Iowa Department of Public Safety, cities, and counties are responsible for accessibility requirements.  For more information, call 515-725-6154 or visit http://www.dps.state.ia.us/fm/building/index.shtml

Elevator Safety Board:  The Elevator Safety Board has authority to write rules, review inspection reports, grant waivers from rules, and more.  Click here for more details. 

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